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The Lighthouse Immersive App includes: audio guides, access to lobby activations, educational content about Van Gogh’s paintings, a playlist of the full exhibit soundtrack, parking info, nearby restaurants, and so much more!

Everywhere you Gogh

At the original Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit Los Angeles, you will experience the art of Vincent van Gogh like never before! You will step inside his most famous paintings as they come to life around you – on a monumental scale, set to a soaring soundtrack!

And now you can take elements of this electrifying art experience home with you – compact and ready-to-GOGH in your phone with the Lighthouse Immersive app created by Boulevard Arts!

The Lighthouse Immersive app will give you access to one-of-a-kind  elements at the original Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit Los Angeles. You will also have access to news and updates, as well as pictures and background information on all the paintings you will experience while at the exhibit!

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Loved the music? You can easily access our sweeping soundtrack from the app! Take the music with you - wherever you go.

Letters from Vincent

We developed an AI tool that lets you write a letter to Vincent, and receive a personalized letter in return - in his hand writing and style! Ask him a question, and get his answer! Take it with you on the app.

Audio guide

Listen to our audio guide that delves into the passion and work that brought this immersive art experience to life, as well as the artist who inspired it all!

Take the paintings home with you - on your phone!

In the Lighthouse Immersive app, you will find photos of all of the paintings you will experience at the exhibit - as well as background information on each of them, and Vincent!